Question 1. What is Sai Virbionics, how is treatment done, and how does it work?

Vibrionics: It is a simple, quick, effective, and a natural system of medicine which heals the body in a holistic way. It can cure any type of illness, is harmless with zero side effects as it contains no chemicals or substance, and is totally free of cost.

Treatment: In vibrionics, a “disease” simply means an organ has gone out of balance, due to the accumulation of toxins or infection or accident, injury, or trauma. To bring it back into balance, appropriate vibration of a healthy organ or of a relevant substance(s) is given, which is nature’s own subtle energy and it works at all the levels of the body –physical, emotional, mental, causal, as well as spiritual levels.

 The medium in which vibrations are infused (with the help of an electromagnetic device called Sai Ram Healing Vibration Potentiser) is water or sugar pills obtained from a homeopathic shop which can be orally consumed as a pill or dissolved in water. Plain cream or vibhuti or oil infused with vibrations are suggested for external application for quick relief; vibrionic eye drops are made using boiled and cooled or distilled water; also, ear/nasal drops are possible using good quality oil/ghee.

How Vibrionics works: All are one at the level of consciousness but each person is a unique combination of energies. Vibrionic remedies cure diseases by acting on the vibrations of the cells of the body by balancing the energies and by clearing the energy blockages. This work is done at the etheric body level to set right the disharmony; when action percolates to the physical body level, we see the cure taking place.

In other words, the healing vibrations act as a catalyst to awaken the inner healing power within the organs to bring about the cure enabling the body and the mind to heal itself. It works on the basic healing principle” Like Cures Like”.

Vibrionics is ideal as a preventive for building immunity and for cleansing toxins from the system. One need not wait to become sick to take Vibrionics remedies.

2. Who can benefit from Vibrionics? 

All human beings including pregnant women and babies, plants, animals, and the environment can get benefit from Vibrionics and be healthy.

3. What are the side effects? 

Vibrionics remedies have no side effects. But while acting on the body the vibrations pull out the disease from its root; this might cause some discomfort which is known as a pullout. This shows that the remedy is acting on the body and will bring about a cure; it is not a reaction.

 4. What kind of diseases can be cured with Vibrionics?

Vibrionics can cure all diseases, even those unknown to mankind.

5. Does Vibrionics work only on those who have faith on Sai Baba?


No. Vibrionics is based on the science of Radionics and can work on all beings including animals and plants and even inanimate things. If you have faith, healing will be faster.

6. Can I take vibrionic remedies if I am already on allopathic treatment? 

Vibrionics can be taken in conjunction with allopathic medicines to speed up the cure. It does not interfere with allopathic treatment.  We do not advise patients to discontinue any medical treatment unless their medical physician advises them to do so. Vibrations of their allopathic medicines can also be given to patients to prevent their side effects.

7. Can I take vibrionic remedies if I am on homoeopathic or ayurvedic treatment? 

Vibrionics is not suggested for those already benefiting from homoeopathic or ayurvedic treatment. If such patient did not get relief and is serious about taking vibrionics, then we advise them to come 3 days after stopping their earlier treatment.

8. Is Vibrionics remedy available in the market? 

No. Vibrionics remedies are available only from qualified practitioners who give Vibrionics treatment after knowing the symptoms of a patient.

9. How to contact a practitioner in case I want to take Vibrionics remedy?

You can go to the website www.vibrionics.org and enquire through [email protected]org about the availability of a practitioner nearest to your place of residence.

10. What is the cost of getting Vibrionics treatment? 

Vibrionics treatment is offered totally free of cost throughout the world as a service to mankind and all life. Our practitioners are under oath and will not charge any fee for consultation or remedies. Not even gifts or favours are accepted. The treatment also does not involve any physical examination or diagnostic tests.

11. Will personal information about me remain confidential? 

Yes, you can rest assured all consultations are confidential.


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