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Spice your day in Healthy way
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Ears are precious: Take good care
Choose & Use your cooking oils with care
Oral health--a window to our wellbeing!
Herbs for flavouring and enriching your food for wellbeing
Taking care of your nose and throat is vital!
Wholesome diet with whole grains
Let your skin glow in health!
Promote Health with Pulses in Diet
Know and Build-up your Immunity!
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International Conference of Sai Vibrionics - 2014

The First International Conference of Sai Vibrionics was held at Puttaparthi, India in January 2014.  It was attended by 342 practitioners from 18 countries.  The two day conference featured key note speakers such as, R.J. Ratnakar, Trustee, Sathya Sai Central Trust and Justice A.P. Misra, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India.  Several Practitioners presented their patient case of successful cures, attributing all such miraculous recoveries to Divine intervention. 


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