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Vol 6.5.19 Diffuse cerebral atrophy and Depression  11964…India

My father was operated on for the replacement of his old pacemaker at the end of November 2014. After receiving a new combo pacemaker, he was recovering at home when in mid-January 2015, he developed fever and then stopped recognising people. He lost his short term memory and started remembering old things from the past.  Despite best medical care in a renowned hospital there was further deterioration in his condition. It seemed that he had given up on living. Doctors advised us to take him home as they were helpless. At home he refused to eat, open his eyes or get up from bed. We were advised to take Vibrionics treatment by a friend. 

Recovery after taking Vibrionics remedy was nothing but a miracle. On the third day of treatment, my father got up from bed and started eating fruits. He then started recognising people and showed interest in physical exercises being administered by the physiotherapist. In ten days’ time his recovery actually accelerated and he cheerfully started to move around and began to communicate with friends and relatives whenever they visited. In a month his memory was completely restored. His food intake increased and he began to take medicines for other ailments as well. His stubbornness was gone. If not this, then what is a miracle!

He remains free of neurological symptoms though he has several other ailments for which he is taking vibrionics remedies with the utmost faith, along with allopathic medicines. As a matter of fact I am myself on vibrionics treatment now! (Mudith Gupta, CA,  India)

 Vol 6.5.20 Panic attacks and Fits 11964…India

I live in Delhi. My health problem started five years ago when I went to my village after the birth of my second child. I began having fainting spells for no apparent reason. Upon regaining consciousness, I would not recognize my family members and would behave in a manner that suggested a loss of mental balance. I was brought to Delhi and treated at several hospitals over the years. But this did not help my anxiety, which continued. I could not be left alone. My entire family’s life was disturbed.

In December 2014 my husband, who is an ex-Bal Vikas student and ardent Sai devotee, was approached by the practitioner to start a Vibrionics clinic from our house. Since this was a Sai service project, my husband readily agreed for a weekly clinic. It was then that my husband mentioned my medical condition to the practitioner

The truth is that even though I was shattered mentally and physically, I had never given up hope or my belief in Swami. I only felt bad for my husband, my children and other family members, who were suffering because of me.

 A miracle started to unfold within a week. I felt calm, the agitations of mind stopped and the fits disappeared. I began to get sound sleep without nightmares. By the end of a month I was left with only memories of the miserable times. My family members and I are ever grateful to Bhagawan Baba for making us worthy of His grace and giving us the opportunity to assist in His service through Sai Vibrionics. The unfolding of miracle of Sai Vibrionics is being witnessed at our place where the clinic has been established by Swami’s Grace. (Anita, housewife, India)

Vol 6.5.18 Chronic throat, ankle pain and hot flushes  11964…India 

I am from Delhi, India. I had been suffering from sensitive throat for almost twenty years. I often would have bouts of coughing and felt a lump in my throat especially after eating. Fearing the onset of cough, at times, I would even avoid conversation with friends. Over time, my voice had turned hoarse and I could not eat anything sour or enjoy a cold drink. Anti-allergic or antibiotics would give only temporary relief. To add to my woes about three years ago I developed terrible pain in my left heel and ankle. The condition was diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. No amount of allopathic medicine could give relief. Hot flushes over the last two years were the final straw to put me in a state of total despair. I carried on with my life in a mechanical manner resigning myself to destiny. On 10 December 2014, a day after our wedding anniversary, I received the best gift of my life via my husband in the form of blessed Sai Vibrionics remedies. Since then, my life has been a series of wonderful happenings. I don’t remember the last time I felt so good physically and mentally. It has been six months now and I am enjoying the freedom especially when I eat sour fruits and savour cool drinks. I have no pain in the ankles and I can wear any type of footwear I like. I have also been introduced to the world of vibrionics and I am doing service by assisting in preparing remedies. My family members have switched over to vibrionics treatments entirely. I look forward to being a healer myself one day (Seema, retired teacher, India).

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International Conference of Sai Vibrionics - 2014

The First International Conference of Sai Vibrionics was held at Puttaparthi, India in January 2014.  It was attended by 342 practitioners from 18 countries.  The two day conference featured key note speakers such as, R.J. Ratnakar, Trustee, Sathya Sai Central Trust and Justice A.P. Misra, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India.  Several Practitioners presented their patient case of successful cures, attributing all such miraculous recoveries to Divine intervention. 

READ MORE: https://vibrionics.org/vibrionics-international-conference/

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