What is Vibrionics?

  Vibrionics – A Divine Gift for Mankind! 

Our Vision

With the Divine Inspiration, Blessing and Grace, we aspire that the Vibrionics Healing is made available, free to the patients, in every village and every city, all over the world.  

Sai Vibrionics, commonly called Vibrionics, is also sometimes referred to as Sai Ram Healing Vibrations, Vibro-healing, or Vibration Healing.  It is an alternative system of healing which works at curing diseases by acting on the vibrations of the cells of the body

  • No touching of a person for examination is necessary or permitted.
  • In this method of healing, no physical or chemical substance is administered to the patient.  Instead vibrations are given in a solid or liquid medium like small sugar pills or water to balance the chakras and meridians.
  • Vibrionics is drug-free and safe, has zero side effects and can cure any type of illness.
  • The purpose of healing with this method “Vibrionics” is to provide a simple, quick, effective and natural system that can be implemented inexpensively by practitioners as a means of free service to mankind and all life and offered to people free-of-charge. This method of vibration healing encompasses the basic healing principle “Like cures Like”.
  • Vibrionics‘ vibrations are used to promote healing and health in people, animals and plants by using nature’s own subtle energy centers (chakras) within the body
  • All diseases (including those unknown to mankind today) can be cured by this method of healing.
  • There are over 4500 Vibrionics practitioners in 83 countries providing free remedies to thousands of patients.
  • Unbelievable cures for various aliments are being reported by the practitioners around the world.
  • Vibrionics does not interfere with current allopathic medication – on the contrary, it may be taken in conjunction with such medicines and speed up the cure.  
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