“Doctors and healers treat. It is only God who cures”... Sri Sathya Sai Baba



Practitioners treat the whole body and therefore will ask detailed questions about food, habits, exercise as well as the specific ailments and their symptoms.  There will be no examination of patients by touching, as energy transfer between people can interfere with remedies.  

Vibrations are very effective and can promote healing within a few days.  Patients are required to follow all instructions completely, keep track of changes in symptoms and report all changes to the practitioner as directed.  If the patients are under allopathy treament, they should continue to take the medication prescribed by their allopathy doctor.  After the patients get healed, they follow the dosage reduction advice given by the practitioner.  

Practitioners do not accept money or gifts, as this is a free service to humanity founded on Love.  

Instructions for taking remedies:

Patients must follow the instructions exactly as provided by practitioners.

Completely dissolve 3 pills in 100 ml water, in a plastic or glass container.  One dose is one to two teaspoonfuls (5 to 10 ml) of the prepared remedy using a plastic spoon. The water is to be kept under the tongue for 1 minute, swallowed after swishing in the mouth.

  The remedy should not be touched by hand or metals, as it will interfere with the energy of the remedy. 

Do not take any food or drink for 20 minutes, before and after taking the remedy.

Drink 2-3 litres of pure water during the day in order to flush out the toxins from the body. Caution: Heart and kidney patients should follow their doctor’s advice regarding water intake.

 Keep the bottle of pills/water away from TV, computer, mobile phone, microwave oven, etc. Do Not Stop taking current allopathy medicines. Vibrionics remedies will not interfere with allopathy prescription drugs or medical treatment. 


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International Conference of Sai Vibrionics - 2014

The First International Conference of Sai Vibrionics was held at Puttaparthi, India in January 2014.  It was attended by 342 practitioners from 18 countries.  The two day conference featured key note speakers such as, R.J. Ratnakar, Trustee, Sathya Sai Central Trust and Justice A.P. Misra, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India.  Several Practitioners presented their patient case of successful cures, attributing all such miraculous recoveries to Divine intervention. 

READ MORE: https://vibrionics.org/vibrionics-international-conference/

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