7.   EYES

7.a.  Blindness from Childhood 2640…India

A middle aged lady was referred to a healer, who is also an allopathic doctor, by an ophthalmic surgeon for vibro treatment as the woman was unable to see from childhood. On examination, it was confirmed that she was not able to see clearly. She was given:

CC7.1 Eye Tonic + CC12.1 Adult Tonic…QDS

After taking the above combo for just two weeks, she was able to see the faces of people clearly, watch TV and now after two months, she can read the newspaper.

7.b.  Trauma to Eye 2711…Malaysia

A 62-year-old lady accidentally poked her left eye with the end of her spectacles, causing a blood vessel to burst. This caused her eyeball to become completely dark red and also sore. She had to wear sunglasses so that people could not see her red-eye or, as she said, she did not want to frighten the children! Her GP prescribed pain-killers and antibiotics and advised her that the redness should clear up in 3 to 4 weeks. Three days after seeing her doctor she came to see the practitioner because the antibiotics were making her nauseous and she didn’t want to wait for three weeks to get better. The practitioner gave her:

NM17 Eye + BR 20 Eye + BR21 Injury + SM41 Uplift…TDS

Three days later, the red color disappeared and her eye became clear. The patient was very pleased with the outcome as her left eye returned to normal within a week.

Note: Equivalent Common combo to substitute the above: CC7.1 Eye tonic + CC7.6 Eye injury

7.c.  Poor Vision 2789…India

An 8-year-old girl had been diagnosed with dry eyes and extremely poor vision. She was sent for an eye check-up where the doctors ruled out anything that could be done to help the condition. The practitioner was told by her family that when this girl was two years old, she had a high fever. At that time, she lost her vision and had suffered dry eyes ever since. She was given:

CC7.2 Partial Vision…TDS

After 6 months of taking the combo, the patient’s eyes were lubricating again and she could see normally. She continues to take the medicine for the time being to safeguard any return of the condition.

7.d.  Glaucoma 1176…Bosnia

The practitioner, a woman aged 76, went to have her eyes checked two years ago because her glasses were not helping her vision as much as they used to. After testing her eyes the optician said that, like her father, she had glaucoma with pressure in both eyes of approx. 32 mmHg. She was also told that no lens could help her vision in the right eye as it had become a ‘lazy eye’. The practitioner was given cause to worry as her father had the same condition when he became elderly and had eventually become totally blind. She was given eye drops (called Cosopt) to help lower the eye pressure. A re-examination after two months showed a lower eye pressure of about 20 mmHg. However, later she had to stop using the drops as she developed an allergic reaction to them and her tongue became swollen. New drops (called Xalatan) were given but these started to irritate her eyes so she stopped them too. The practitioner decided to treat herself with the following combo:

NM17 Eye + NM48 Vitamin Eye Compound + NM109 Vision + BR20 Eye + SR454 Aqueous Humour + SR465 CN2: Optic…TDS

When she procured the 108CC box sometime later, she also gave herself the following combo:

CC7.1 Eye tonic + CC7.4 Eye defect + CC7.5 Glaucoma…TDS

Since starting with Vibrionics remedies, her overall vision has gradually improved by about 25% and the eye pressure has become satisfactory, being between 15 and 20 mmHg. She is continuing to treat herself with all the above remedies.

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