1.Plants & Animals

1.a. Sickness in Chickens2715…Germany
A Vibrionics practitioner’s mother had 23 hens. All but three of them died of an infection that afflicted and killed all other local chickens in the area. Of the three that survived, one was particularly weak and was finding it difficult to hold its head up, walk straight or enter the chicken coop. This hen was kept in the house away from the other two. The vibro practitioner sent the following remedies to her mother for the chickens:

CC1.1 Animal Tonic + CC18.4 Stroke…TDS

The practitioner’s mother put the pills in the beaks of her sick hens and within a few days, there was a remarkable improvement in their condition. The weakest hen was soon able to hold its head up, eat properly and walk to the chicken coop again. A week later, it was so well that it started laying eggs, so the dosage was reduced to OD. Then the same remedy was given to the other two hens that were underweight and weak, and in a short while, they also recovered. The practitioner’s mother now has three perfectly healthy hens which give her some consolation for losing the rest of the flock.

1.b. Injured Cat 2494…Italy

A four year-old female cat was severely hit and found to have a slight fracture in her right rib. She was traumatized, was in a state of extreme fear and in tremendous pain from this nasty injury. As the owner did not want to give her any allopathic medicines, she was immediately started on the following vibrionics combo:

NM20 Injury + NM3 Bone I + SR271 Arnica (30C) + NM95 Rescue

The combo was administered in water, one dose every 10 minutes for one hour, followed by 6TD for 3 days and TDS thereafter.

The practitioner estimated the improvement in pain to be 50% after only one day and the cat appeared to be much calmer too. The practitioner has reported that there was 100% recovery after 3 days as the cat was running and jumping about as she did normally before her accident.

In this successful healing in an animal, a Vibrionics Healing Potentiser was used to make the above combo. If the 108 Common Combos box had been available, then CC10.1 Emergencies to treat the cat for her injuries and shock would have worked equally well.

1.c.  Cat with Urinary Infection 1150…Croatia

The practitioner’s daughter had a cat that developed a severe urinary Infection with pain and blood in the urine. The following was given:

NM21 KBS + OM15 Kidneys + BR11 Kidney Balance + SM27 Infection…TDS

Within 3 days the cat was better and recovered fully in a weeks’ time.

If the 108CC Box had been available to the practitioner, the following could have been given with the same results: CC1.1 Animal tonic + CC13.2 Urinary tract Infection…TDS

1.d.  Cataract in Dog 2095…USA

Duke, a male dog aged 12, who was diagnosed with cataract, was given the following treatment by the practitioner:

NM47 Cataract Compound + NM48 Vitamin Eye Comp + NM68 Cataract Comp-B…BD.

The vet was not informed that vibrational remedies were being given, so subsequent visits left the vet shaking his head, rechecking his notes and rechecking Duke’s eyes several times. Cataract usually shows progressive degeneration but in Duke’s case he started to see much better, the eyes did not look as milky and the cataract was dissolving.

Equivalent Common combo to substitute the above: CC7.2 Partial Vision.

1.e.  Diarrhea & Vomiting in a Dog 02871…USA
A 1½ year old small dog was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. The practitioner prepared the following:

CC1.1 Animal tonic + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis…5 pills to be put in 200 ml
of water and 5 ml of the remedy to be given every 10 minutes for the first 2
hours and afterwards at TDS.

The dog recovered after the first dose and was very keen to come and drink the medicine! The combo was continued for the next 3 days at TDS and then reduced to BD and finally OD throughout the week to avoid a relapse. 

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