19.Respiratory System

19.   RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – lungs, chest, throat, nose, tonsils, sinuses

19.a.  Case of Pulmonary Thrombo-embolism

A 31 year-old woman was suffering from blood clots (thrombus), causing obstruction to both pulmonary arteries. She was breathless and unable to do any kind of work. She was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but the family did not have enough money to pay for the operation that the doctors said was necessary. In desperation they got in touch with a practitioner of Vibrionics and the lady was immediately put on the following Common Combos:

CC2.3 Tumors and growths + CC3.1 Heart Tonic + CC19.3 Asthma + CC19.4 Asthma emergency …QDS.

Within a month the lady was completely well. The doctors were astonished to find that her angiography reports showed that all her veins and arteries were clear. There was absolutely no sign of thrombus.

19.b.  Wonderful Relief from Cough 2090…India

A 60-year old lady came to see if this healer could help her. From birth, she had suffered from a chronic cough. During her long life, she had been to countless doctors of allopathy, ayurveda, and homoeopathy and taken all their recommended treatments and medicines, but had not found a cure. The healer gave her:

CC19.6 Cough – chronic…TDS to be taken for 1 month. At the end of the month, she reported back saying she was 75% better. The healer added CC19.2 Allergy to CC19.6 Cough…TDS for a further month. When the lady returned to see him a month later, she was 90% better. She was then given:

CC19.6 Cough + CC19.2 Allergy + CC19.3 Asthma….TDS for yet another month.

When she came back the fourth time, with a very broad smile, she said that for the first time in her entire life she had no cough. Her cough-less life was a new experience for her and also for her family, friends and neighbors. They were curious to know how it came about and when they heard, many came flocking to this healer with their medical problems and a hopeful cure!

19.c.  Bronchial Asthma 2799…UK

A 65 year-old man asked the practitioner if she would treat him for bronchial asthma which he had been suffering from since he was 20 years old. He was taking allopathic medicine that gave him relief every time he had an asthmatic attack but in no way cured the condition. His personal life was also stressful which did not help the problem. He was given the following:

#1. NM6 Calming + BR7 Stress – for stress and tension…TDS

#2. NM8 Chest + NM9 Chest TS + NM62 Allergy-B + NM70 CB8 + NM71 CCA + BR13 Allergy + BR14 Lung + BR15 Sinus + OM2 Respiratory + SR272 Arsen Alb (30C) + SR 297 Ipecac (30C) + SR451 ACTH Hormone…TDS.

It was agreed that he should continue the allopathic treatment for the time being. In two weeks he reported that he felt 30% better and was told to continue with the same combos for another 2 weeks but was advised to slowly reduce the allopathic medicine which he was taking TDS. Four weeks later he told the practitioner that he felt 75% better; so the allopathic medicine was now reduced to OD. In 4 weeks the Vibrionics combo was also reduced. After 6 weeks, he stopped taking the allopathic medicine as the asthma had completely gone but continued to take the above combo OD for maintenance and protection against its possible reoccurrence.

How wonderful that after 45 years, this man’s suffering has come to an end. Had the 108 Combos box been available, the practitioner could have used CC15.1 for the stress, tension and CC19.3 for bronchial asthma and we would expect similar results. We encourage all patients to consult with their allopathic doctor before reducing or stopping any prescribed allopathic medicines.

19.d.  Respiratory Allergy and Chronic Cough 01352A…India

A male patient aged 56 had been suffering for 5 years from respiratory allergy as diagnosed by his allopathic doctors. His symptoms included scores of sneezes and watering eyes every morning, sometimes coupled with swelling of the face. He had also suffered for 20 years from a cough which resulted in constant expulsion of yellow and grey phlegm. Over the years, both allopathic and alternative treatments had been tried but nothing had helped either of his conditions. The practitioner gave him:

CC19.2 Respiratory Allergies CC19.6 Cough – chronic…TDS.

Within 7 days, both problems had gone and the patient was having difficulty in coming to terms with such a rapid treatment!

19.e.  Asthma 2789…India

This patient was a 12 year old child who had been having asthma attacks since birth. She was given:

 CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.4 Asthma attack…TDS.
During this period there was not a single asthma attack. The child continues to take the combos.

Sai Ram Potentiser: when a baby has asthma from birth, it indicates that she has the Tuberculinum miasm and it is therefore important to treat for this miasm at the earliest.

 19.f.  Respiratory and Other Problems 2813…Belgium

A 31 year-old man came to the practitioner because he had respiratory allergy since he was 15 years old. This prevented him from sleeping at night unless he took allopathic pills. He had been suffering from herpes for the last five years and just before coming to see the practitioner a new eruption had emerged. His brother had been recently diagnosed with cancer and he had been estranged from him due to an emotional problem; this had caused him a lot of unhappiness and stress over the years. The practitioner gave the following:

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.2 Cleansing + CC21.8 Herpes…TDS

Even after the first dose the patient felt a little better and within a few days all symptoms had disappeared. He continued to take the medicine TDS for 3 weeks to safeguard against any reoccurrence and, thereafter, the practitioner gradually reduced the dosage.

Six weeks later he confirmed that his respiratory allergy had gone. He was sleeping well now without the use of drugs and had resolved all the difficulties he had with his brother. He told the practitioner “Now I have a brother for the very first time in my life!”

The practitioner made the unusual decision of giving CC17.2 instead of one of the respiratory combos for the respiratory allergy and as this combo cleanses on the physical, emotional and mental levels, it seems to have been the right choice. It is likely that all the patient’s problems were to do with his strained relations with his brother which had caused him a lot of anguish over the years. Swami says “All diseases start in the mind” and we Vibro practitioners should always remember this.

19.g. Flu and Cold 03516…Canada

A 45-year-old man, a school teacher, who was just developing a fever with runny nose and congestion contacted the practitioner on the 28th of January 2015. He was given:

CC9.2 Infections acute + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic…6TD

He was advised to intake plenty of water for three days.

After a day he started to feel less congested, and there was 50% and 75% improvement with reference to fever and runny nose respectively. After two days he displayed further signs of improvement as his fever had subsided completely, nose was not runny anymore and on the congestion front, there was a vast improvement by 90%. After three days his congestion also had cleared completely. He then stopped the treatment and was able to resume his normal activities. The patient did not take any other medication for his illness. Since then, the patient has taken this remedy on multiple occasions when he suffered a flu attack and each time he was healed in two-three days.

Practitioner’s comments:

In Canada, cold and flu are much prevalent, and it usually takes a week or two for the symptoms to clear. This patient has been keeping a constant supply of this remedy for himself as well as for others in his household, which has proven to be very effective.

Editor’s comments:

It is always advised that a patient consults the practitioner before sharing ones remedy with other individuals. This ensures that the patient gets the most appropriate remedy for his illness and is also cautioned about a possible pullout. In this case, where Flu seems to be a common occurrence in the household, it was a wise decision to keep the remedy handy for family use. 

19.h. Allergic cough, constipation 11578…India

On 11 April 2016, a 35-year-old woman came to the practitioner with chronic cough, which she had for the past 8 years. The cough was caused by dust allergy. The severe bouts of coughing occurred every morning when she got up. She also had pain in the rectum and constipation for the past one year, probably due to indigestion. Patient had not had any treatment for her problems. She was given the following combos:

For constipation and pain in the rectum:

#1.  CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC12.1 Adult tonic…TDS

For chronic cough:

#2. CC9.2 Infections acute + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies…TDS

 She was not on any other medication while taking vibro remedies. After two weeks, she had almost 100% healing of all her symptoms. She stopped having the morning attacks of cough. Also, the rectum pain was greatly reduced and she was not constipated anymore. She continued to take both #1 and #2 for two more weeks. As the patient was completely back to normal, the remedies were then stopped.

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