18.Nervous System

18.  NERVOUS SYSTEM – Brain, Nervous Disorders, Dementia, Senility, Alzheimer’s

18.a.  Paralysis of Throat

A 54 year-old man suffered from a paralytic stroke resulting in loss of speech and a paralysed throat. Although he was not diabetic the doctors thought that this could be a case of ‘silent hypertension’. The patient had to be fed through a pipe directly to his stomach. The man’s son met with a Vibro practitioner who gave him the following combos for his father:

CC18.1 Brain & Memory Tonic + CC18.4 Stroke + CC19.7 Throat …QDS

The boy administered the pills to his father orally and within just 3 days the patient was able to swallow and even speak! The patient still suffers from some memory loss but continues to take the Vibro Combos and is undergoing physiotherapy to aid his complete recovery.

18.b. Epilepsy 11993…India

 An 18 year old male with a history of epilepsy since childhood contacted the practitioner in September 2013. He would experience loss of consciousness accompanied by shivering and oozing of saliva out of his mouth. There was a family history of epilepsy on his father`s side. He was on anti-epileptic treatment Dilantin Sodium. The patient was getting epileptic attacks on alternate days. On the 1st of September 2013 he was treated with the following combos:

CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.3 Epilepsy…TDS

Initially the patient continued to take the anti-epileptic allopathic medication along with the vibro. After two months patient showed 70% improvement. The epileptic attacks occurred only once a week. The dose of allopathic medication was halved. After two more months the frequency of the seizures had reduced to only once a month. On the 1st of April 2013 the patient was healed 100%. He was completely free of epileptic attacks. The dosage was reduced to BD for a month and then to OW. He continues to take both allopathic treatment and vibrionics. Patient has had no relapse of the epileptic attacks.

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