17.   MISCELLANEOUS-Plants, Multiple Problems, Travel Sickness, Vertigo, Elderly, Newborn

17.a.  Multiple Problems 2813…Belgium

A 31 year-old man came to the practitioner because he had respiratory allergy since he was 15 years old. This prevented him from sleeping at night unless he took allopathic pills. He had been suffering from herpes for the last five years and just before coming to see the practitioner a new eruption had emerged. His brother had been recently diagnosed with cancer and he had been estranged from him due to an emotional problem; this had caused him a lot of unhappiness and stress over the years. The practitioner gave the following:

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.2 Cleansing + CC21.8 Herpes…TDS

Even after the first dose the patient felt a little better and within a few days all symptoms had disappeared. He continued to take the medicine TDS for 3 weeks to safeguard against any reoccurrence and, thereafter, the practitioner gradually reduced the dosage.

Six weeks later he confirmed that his respiratory allergy had gone. He was sleeping well now without the use of drugs and had resolved all the difficulties he had with his brother. He told the practitioner “Now I have a brother for the very first time in my life!”

The practitioner made the unusual decision of giving CC17.2 instead of one of the respiratory combos for the respiratory allergy and as this combo cleanses on the physical, emotional and mental levels, it seems to have been the right choice. It is likely that all the patient’s problems were to do with his strained relations with his brother which had caused him a lot of anguish over the years. Sai Baba says “All diseases start in the mind” and we Vibro practitioners should always remember this

17.b. Houseplant’s Recovery 00275J…India

This practitioner treated a houseplant (Brahmakamal) for fungal infection – the symptoms being white spots on the leaves. One dose of CC1.2 Plant tonic was put in half a liter of water and sprayed on the plant daily.

Within 2-3 days the white spots started to recede, new leaves appeared and one bud blossomed.

The leaves of another houseplant began to whither when its owners were moving house. It received the same treatment (CC1.2) and after only one dose of the spray, started to revive.

If you do not have the 108CC Box, to help plant growth or for disease in plants, give:

NM2 Blood + NM3 Bone + NM12 Combination 12 + NM20 Injury + NM25 Shock + NM91 Paramedic Rescue + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM2 Divine Protection + SM4 Stabilizing + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SM6 Stress + SM14 Chemical Poison + SM26 Immunity + SM41 Uplift + SR325 Rescue + SR329 Crab Apple + SR360 VIBGYOR + SR432 Hornbeam + SR566 Fungi-pathogenic. Make it in alcohol in a dropper bottle, put 5 drops in one liter of water and sprinkle over weak or infected plants.

17.c.  Protection for Vegetable Plants 0002…India

Some vegetable plants such as courgettes (zucchini – baby marrows), tomatoes and French beans grown  in this practitioner’s garden used to suffer from a powdery mildew soon after their first crop, then collapse and die, even though they are frequently fed with cow manure and worming compost, and  treated  with  a  solution  of  Neem  oil  mixed  with  a  chilli  and  soap  solution. 

She was  told  to  put  one  drop  of SR264 Silicea  6X  in  a watering  can  soon  after  planting  and continue  it weekly  throughout  the growing period. This simple treatment did wonders! The wilting plants started to recover, thus giving higher yield. The new ones just planted grew to be strong, healthy and very productive.

This information comes from Homoeopathy for Farm & Garden by Vaikanthanath Kaviraj.

Also recommended is soaking seeds in Silicea 6x prior to germinating. 

Another practitioner wrote in to say that a grower in Auroville has tried Silicea 30C on plants and gets better results from this compared to using other organic pesticides.

17.d.  Trees 00437…India

On an experimental basis, the practitioner and his wife sprayed CC1.1 Animal tonic + CC1.2 Plant tonic mixed with water, on all the plants in their garden. The effect was miraculous and those plants with minimal growth in the last couple of years, showed a revival as if new life was injected into them. It has been a very satisfying experience, the practitioner said. Note: It is a rather surprising combo and there must be something in the Animal tonic that the plants needed which was not in the soil, maybe it was the vibration of NM35 Worms!

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