16.Miasms & Nosodes

16.   MIASMS & NOSODES– genetic predisposition to diseases/imbalances

16.a.  Multiple Problems Cured by Blood Nosode 02836…India

A 64 years old male had been suffering from severe knee pain for the past 10 years. He was obese, constipated, suffered from sleeplessness, anxiety, tension and stress. He was not stable in any business he did. For the last 7 years, he had suffered hereditary eczema on both ankles. The treatment started on 30 Nov 2011 with a Nosode of his blood at 200C. During the first week, the dosage was kept at OD due to concern for the possible pullout, BD for the 2nd week followed by TDS from 15 December 2011 onwards.

The results were outstanding: the knee pain was 90% better within one week and at the same time he started to feel light, happy and energetic. On the 8th March 2012, it was noticed that eczema on the left ankle was up to 40% better and the right ankle showed an 80% improvement. The treatment continued with just the nosode without giving any allopathic, ayurvedic or any other alternative medication.

By the 8th July 2012, the left ankle showed 80% improvement and the right ankle 90%
improvement. After this date, the patient has not returned for further treatment and it is assumed he has completely recovered from all of his earlier symptoms.

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