15.Mental & Emotional


15.a.  Bipolar Disorder 2640…India

A psychiatrist referred one of his patients (incidentally an allopathic doctor) to this healer. The patient, a 45-year old man, was a long time sufferer of Bipolar Disorder. He had been under the psychiatrist’s care for 25 years during which time the patient was given twelve different allopathic drugs. The healer gave the patient CC15.2 Psychiatric Disturbances…TDS and CC15.6 Sleep Disorders to be taken at 7 pm and at 9 pm.

After 3 months, the psychiatrist reduced two of the patient’s allopathic medications, and a few months later, the rest of the allopathic medications, except one, were discontinued. The patient has been advised to take this allopathic medicine only on a ‘whenever-needed’ basis.

The healer says the patient is now (after one year) in very good health with a new positive view to life.

15.b.  Opium Addiction and others 2638…Iran\\\

It is regretted that this healer did not give more details in the cases below:

One of his patients had been addicted to opium since he was seven years old but after taking the combo for addictions CC15.3, he has overcome his addiction after a short time.

Another patient suffered with shoulder and neck pain for eight months but after being treated with common combo for muscles and joints CC20.2, she has had no pain.

Two patients had been sufferers of migraine headaches for many years. After taking CC11.6 Migraines regularly, both were free of the excruciating migraine pain.

15.c.  An Emotional and Mental Disorder 0002….India

A young woman came with her family to see the healer in the hope that she could be treated for a disorder that started at 11 years of age when she was left for a short while to look after her younger brother. During the time the parents were away, her little brother had a seizure. This was the first of many such episodes, which were later diagnosed as epilepsy. But for the sister, this first time was so traumatic that before help arrived she became hysterical, unable to understand what was happening. Afterwards, thinking it was her fault, she became obsessively worried about the experience. Her whole personality started to undergo a change. She was alternately very fearful or aggressive and disturbed. Doctors had treated her with various drugs without any permanent cure. While she was taking the drugs, she was so relaxed and quiet; her mother thought the girl seemed only half alive. They finally decided to stop all treatment and focus on keeping her happy and secure at home. Over the years she grew more belligerent and uncooperative.

The doctors never gave a diagnosis as to exactly what was wrong with the girl. It was not known whether the disorder was an emotional trauma or a physical shock to the nervous system when she was 11 years old. When the healer saw her, she appeared to be about 17 years old, with a vacant and pale facial appearance, although she was in fact, 23 years old. She wouldn’t speak to the healer or look at her. The healer asked her if she loved Baba and she nodded ‘yes’. The healer told the girl she would give her some medicine from God that she should take daily as prescribed. It would make her well and give her new energy through her love for Him. The following was given:

CC15.2 Psychiatric Disorders + CC18.1 Brain Disabilities…TDS to be reduced when her condition improved.

It was Christmas, some months later as the healer was leaving the Darshan Hall in the ashram, two people came running up to her whom she did not recognize. The older one was saying, “Look, God has healed her with those pills”. The healer then knew who they were although she had not immediately recognized them. The weight of the worry had been lifted from the mother, she looked ten years younger. The girl appeared confident; was smiling and happy, and had become a healthy young woman.

15.d.  Emotional Stress & Strain 0437…India

A 49 year old carpenter’s personality changed from being a good and disciplined workman to an anxious and disturbed one, who was unable to do his work. He explained to the practitioner that his elder brother had died after a brief illness. In addition to his own family, he was now looking after his brother’s family and was under great financial strain. On top of this, each night during the last one month, his brother appeared in his dreams standing at the foot of his bed crying and looking very distressed. This woke him up and he was then fearful of sleeping again. This was making him such a mental and emotional wreck that his health was deteriorating. He was given the following combo:

NM6 Calming + NM28 Sleep + NM83 Grief + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM2 Divine Protection + SM41 Uplift…TDS

He was also given vibhuti to take with water before sleeping and told to keep a picture of God by his bed as he was a devotee. Soon the brother stopped appearing to him in his dreams and he gradually started to feel better. Within a month, he was his normal self again.

15.e.   Hyperactive Child 2640…India

A mother brought her small daughter aged 4 years to the practitioner because she was hyperactive – a behavioral disorder in children characterized by emotional instability, anger, anxiety, and aggressive or destructive behavior, that is on the increase these days. All the allopathic treatments given so far were of no use and the mother was exhausted, both mentally and physically because of her daughter’s behavior. She was given the following:

CC15.5 ADD & Autism…TDS.

After a month of treatment she was perfectly normal.

With hyperactive children, it is very important that they are not given most of the packaged drinks, candies and other foods that are available today because many contain artificial color and flavor additives and large amounts of sugar that can cause imbalance in growing children. Read each product package.

15.f.  Depression 2365…Belgium

This patient, a woman of 34, had suffered from depression for as long as she could remember. She was a divorcee with 2 children who were in the care of others because of her condition. She was very fearful, hysterical, sad and anxious with constant headaches and an uncomfortable sensation at the top of her head. She had no appetite or energy. However, the doctors said there was nothing physically wrong with her. She was given the following Vibrionics remedies:

#1. NM6 Calming + NM12 Combination 12 + BR2 Blood Sugar + BR3 Depression +

BR4 Fear + SM2 Divine Protection + SM6 Stress + SM9 Lack of Confidence + SM39 Tension + SR360 VIBGYOR + SR561 Vitamin Balance…TDS.

#2. SR383 Cuprum Met made in olive oil to massage feet…OD.

There was considerable improvement in a week and she felt happier. In another month’s time, she was feeling very happy and was no longer depressed. She continued the remedies for two more weeks and when the practitioner saw her again, she had completely recovered.

Those using the 108CC box can give CC15.1

15.g.  Mental disorder 2799…UK

This is a female patient aged 23 years. She is a Psychology graduate who has been suffering from a serious mental disorder for the past 3 years. When her parents brought her to see the practitioner she was aggressive, suicidal and shouting. Her parents said that the allopathic medicines had not helped and she was also suffering from their side-affects. She was given:

#1.  CC15.1  Mental  &  Emotional  tonic  +  CC15.2  Psychiatric  disorders  +  CC17.3  Brain  & Memory tonic…QDS for two weeks then reduced to TDS.

After 1 month she was 50% better. As the patient now complained of insomnia, she was given:

#2. CC15.6 Sleep disorders…1 pill half-hour before normal bedtime; if not asleep, another pill at bedtime.  If still not fallen sleep, 1 pill after half-hour.  If necessary she could take one more pill during the night.

After 15 days the parents called to say her sleeping was now normal and they were reducing the allopathic medication gradually. She continued taking the above two combos for 5 months after which she stopped all allopathic medication. The patient is now 100% normal and started a new job. The #1 combo was reduced to BD but she continues the sleeping remedy at the same dosage.

If using a Sai Ram Potentiser give: NM6 Calming + NM64 Bad Temper + NM69 CB8 + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM2 Divine Protection + SM4 Stabilising + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SR268 Anacardium

50M + SR273 Aurum Met CM + SR410 Stramonium 1M + SR458 Brain Whole.

For sleeping: NM28 Sleep + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SM8 Insomnia. 

15.h.  Fear & Constipation 2854…UK  

A mother came to see the practitioner with her son aged nearly 3 years because he had been very constipated for the past 2 years. He was also withdrawn and frightened of people including his own father. He was particularly fearful when he was expected to use the toilet and pass stool. When the practitioner spoke to him, he looked scared and clung to his mother. His appetite was also poor. He was given:

 CC4.4 Constipation + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC12.2 Child tonic…TDS

The parents told the practitioner, after the very first dose, that a wonderful thing happened. The boy said he wanted to sleep with his father whereas before, he only wanted to be with his mother! And within a few days of treatment, the child was not fearful even when he went to pass a stool, which he now did daily. He is also more friendly and relaxed. The practitioner noticed that he did not cling to his mother like he did before. He was running around like other healthy children of his age. He continues taking the medicine BD for a further two weeks followed by OD until it is finished. 

 If using a Sai Ram Potentiser give: NM6 Calming + NM13 Constipation + NM69 CB8 + NM75 Debility + NM90 Nutrition + BR2 Blood Sugar + BR4 Fear + BR8 Constipation + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SM9 Lack of Confidence

15.i.  Jilted in Love 11467…India

A male teacher aged 25 was under great stress and tension. He was unable to cope with the shock when his girlfriend for 5 years, whom he was hoping to marry, suddenly broke off their relationship for someone else. As well as his emotions being out of balance, he had also developed pain in his neck and shoulders. The practitioner gave him:

SR258 Kali Phos + SR271 Arnica 30C + SR296 Ignatia 30C + SR311 Rhus Tox 200C + SR325 |Rescue + SR405 Ruta 30C….TDS.

After taking the combo for only one day he started to feel much better mentally and in a further 6 daysthe disappointment and stress were gone and all physical pain had vanished.

15.j.  Bad School Results 1159…Croatia

A ten year-old girl was brought to see the practitioner because she had behavioral and learning disorders and was doing badly at school. She was given:
NM5 Brain tissue salts + NM104 Tops…TDS

After a month of taking this combo her mother said that she had calmed down and had achieved all ‘A’ grades at school. Her teacher was astonished at this change in the girl and asked the mother what she had done with the child!

15.k. Depression, high blood pressure, menopause 11993…India

A 52 year old lady suffering from mental depression and hypertension for five years, nervous dysfunction since three years and menopause problems since two years, contacted the practitioner on the 2nd of December 2013. Patient had heart palpitation, trembling hands and loss of balance while walking. Her home life was unhappy as her relationship with her husband was strained. Patient appeared sad and had problems communicating her suppressed emotions. Patient worked as a pharmacist and it appeared that she had self medicated herself trying various allopathic medications, which had the effect of darkening her skin due to over medication. She was treated with the following combos:

 CC3.3 High blood Pressure + CC8.6 Menopause + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders + CC18.1 Brain disabilities…TDS

Patient continued with her allopathic medication along with the vibro remedy. After two months on the 2nd of January 2014, there was 50%improvement in the black patches in her skin, the shivering in her hands had reduced by 50% and patient appeared calmer. On the 3rd of March 2014 there was 75%improvement in all her symptoms. She reduced the dose of allopathic medication by 50%. At the end of six months on the 3rd of May 2014 there was 100% improvement. The tremors in her hands had stopped completely, her skin had regained its normal tone and colour and she was calm and cheerful. The dosage was reduced to BD for a month and then to OW for three months. When seen in June 2015, patient was bright and cheerful, her relationship with her husband had improved and she was at peace. She brought her son to the practitioner for vibro treatment.

Note: Equivalent Common combo to substitute the above: CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic+CC15.5 ADD & Autism

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