12.Immune System

12.   IMMUNE SYSTEM –thymus, spleen, lymph nodes/glands, blood cells, antibodies, auto-immune diseases, allergies & vaccinations

12.a.  Leg Muscle Pain, Stress and Low Energy 2804…India

A 39-year-old woman requested treatment for a painful leg muscle which had been troubling her for a year. She was also having difficulty dealing with a stressful work environment as well as being low in energy. She had taken pain killers for the leg pain and had been treated allopathically for the stress and low energy but there was no improvement.

The following was given:

CC12.1 Adult Tonic for her low energy + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional Tonic for the stress + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive Tissue for the leg pain…TDS.

In 2 weeks the patient informed the practitioner that all her problems were 90% better and that she was very happy with the vibrionics treatment.

12.b.  Memory Loss, Lack of Energy, Knee Pain 01423J…India

A 46-year old woman complained of constant tiredness, memory loss and knee pain. She was given:

CC12.1 Adult tonic…TDS

In a month’s time, she reported that she was able to work tirelessly throughout the day, had no pain in the knees and her memory had miraculously improved. The dosage was reduced to BD for the next 15 days and she is currently on OD.

  12.c. Colds and Influenza

This practitioner 02119…USA has had very good results from the following combo for common colds and influenza: NM18 General Fever Mix + NM36 War.

Taken frequently when there is the first sign of symptoms, the combo knocks out both viral and bacterial illnesses. If given later when the infection has taken hold, it weakens the illness and hence shortens its duration. The practitioner himself and his several different patients have found this combo to be very effective.


This practitioner 01361…USA rates NM79 Flu Pack very highly in immediately stopping the progress of influenza. He has treated with this remedy many successful cases including himself and his wife.

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