Kidney and Bladder

Bedwetting-enuresis1053…USA female aged 12                                                                                Kidney and Bladder

The patient had a history of chronic bedwetting; she has had this problem almost every night for most of her young life.

The following remedies were given:

#1) NM65 Bedwetting…TDS.

#2) NM25Shock…TDS.

Through a reading on the pendulum, it was found she had an intolerance to dairy products so both the patient and her mother were told that it would be advisable for her to stay away from dairy products including milk.

From the first day of taking the remedies and drastically reducing the intake of dairy, the patient has stopped bedwetting. Three weeks later NM65 Bedwetting was reduced to OD for a few more days and then reduced further to three times weekly. NM25 Shock was discontinued.

When there is a problem of bedwetting in young people it can be due to the tuberculosis miasm, one dose per week of SR252 Tuberculinum-Bacillinum for four weeks may also help, see Miasms in Combination Section. When people have intolerance to dairy products SR280 Calc Carb should be given. This remedy is also indicated for bedwetting.

Bedwetting-enuresis1143…Croatia female aged 6                                                                               Kidney and Bladder

This little girl wets the bed. She has fears in connection with her mother who lost a baby she was carrying 3 years ago, and is again pregnant. There are also other stresses in the family and she has some allergies.

7 October 2000: The following combo was given:

NM62 Allergy-B + NM65 Bedwetting + BR7 Stress + SR440 Red Chestnut + SR441 Rock Rose…TDS.

The child does not wet the bed any more has calmed down and feels more secure.

Bladder Fissure2489…Spain female aged 45                                                                                      Kidney and Bladder

This patient had surgery for a benign growth in her uterus and womb. It was very large and adhered to the womb walls. In the process of cleaning the area, the doctor debilitated the bladder wall. Some time later after she was sent home and on waking up in the morning, she realized she was thoroughly wet. She paid an urgent visit to her allopathic doctor about it and was diagnosed with a bladder fissure and leakage causing constant enuresis. He advised that a catheter should be fitted to avoid bladder enlargement or its reduction and as a relief measure, and another surgery to place a patch over the fissure. The patient refused the surgery and contacted the healer. The patient was also troubled with cystitis and the scar left by the surgery.

The following combos were given:

For cystitis and scaring:

#1) NM6 Calming + NM21 KBS + NM36 War + NM96 Scar Tissue + SR230 Moonstone + SR346 Cantharis +SR369 Benzoic Acid…TDS for one month. As the scar did not reduce during the first 14 days, the dosage was changed to 6TD for another month. One week after having increased the dosage, the scar disappeared. Cystitis had improved 90% on the second day of treatment and was completely healed after the catheter was removed.

For enuresis a catheter was fitted by her doctor and this combo given:

#2) NM7 CB7 +NM21 KBS + SR369 Benzoic Acid, TDS for 3 weeks. The catheter was removed and the remedy continued for a further month. The enuresis caused by bladder fissure stopped the day after the catheter was taken out and 14 days later she went to her allopathic doctor. On scanning the area, he observed that the fissure and the leakage were not there any more, but he considered that for a final diagnosis it was better to wait for 21 days.

After 21 days she again visited her doctor who was amazed by the patient’s recovery and that there being no need for surgery.

45 days after starting the treatment the patient had a lab test done that showed everything to be normal. The healer confirm a complete healing.

Bladder Infection1373USA female aged 67                                                                                    Kidney and Bladder

This elderly lady suddenly felt severe pain together with an urge to urinate frequently even just after emptying the bladder. She was passing blood in her urine and there was intense itching.

She was immediately given the following:

BR10 Fever & Infection + BR16 Female + SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SR456 Bladder…one dose every two hours.

There was an immediate relief of symptoms after 2 doses but she continued to take the remedy throughout the day. She felt so good the following day that she stopped taking the remedy. The pain and the urge to urinate frequently returned. She was advised to continue taking the remedy until the bottle was finished. Her condition was completely healed.

In a similar case a 65-year-old women suffered for one week with abdominal pain pressing against the ribs and pain in the bladder area. The doctors suggested a low-grade bladder injection. She was given the above combination. After 2 doses she felt a great need to sleep and there was almost an instant relief of symptoms. Within a week all symptoms were gone and she seemed to be totally healed.

The healer has reported a complete healing in a short period.

Kidney Failure (dialysis)0707…India male aged 57                                                                            Kidney and Bladder

This patient’s kidneys had failed and he was put on dialysis. After having dialysis once, he decided not to continue with this.

Treatment for four months, 9 December 1998 to 3 April 1999, as follows:

9 Dec:

#1) SR523 Pituitary Posterior + OM15 Kidney + SR240 Kidney + SR231 Onyx + SR341 Alfalfa…6TD.

26 Dec: He telephoned to say that he was much better. Dosage for #1 reduced…QDS.

28 Dec: He complained of itching all over his body. Treatment was changed as follows:

Continued with #1…QDS; added:

#2) OM1 Blood and SR311 Rhus Tox 200C...BD.

8 Jan ’99: Itching and breathing problems had increased. His remedies were changed as follows: #1 and #2 were discontinued; given:

#3) SR366 Aspidosperma + SR240 Kidney + SR311 Rhus Tox (200C) + OM1 Blood...TDS.

18 Jan: Itching was reduced considerably and breathing problems were gone. Dosage for #3 reduced to…BD.

13 Feb: The doctor’s tests confirmed that he was free from kidney problems. However, due to the urea in his blood, slight itching continued. His remedies were changed as follows: #3 discontinued; given:

#4) SR322 Urtica Urens, OM1 Blood, SR341 Alfalfa and NM63 Back-up…BD.

April 3, 1999: When he was last seen he was perfectly well. Therapy was discontinued.

The healer has reported a complete healing.

Kidney Failure1625…New Zealand female aged 39                                                                                Kidney and Bladder

This patient was on home dialysis five times a week. She was diagnosed with kidney failure 5 years ago and has been on dialysis ever since. Three years later she developed a heart problem and gastric ulcer. On 16 Sep 2000 the vibrionic treatment started. She appeared very pale, lethargic and hardly spoke. When she did speak it was hardly audible and most of the time she would not turn her head in reply. She complained of stomach pain and backache. She had never urinated since she went on dialysis.

Treatment as follows:

#1) NM21 KBS + OM15 Kidneys + SR240 Kidney Meridian…TDS.

Approximately 10 minutes after the first dose the patient said that she felt pinpricks in the kidney area.

31 Oct: The patient looked very healthy and the skin had normal colour. She looked lively and was talkative, a definite improvement on the last meeting. On enquiry she narrated that she went for a blood test after starting the therapy. For the first time in 5-6 years her doctor said that all her blood tests were normal. She also mentioned that she had started to pass urine at least twice daily, which she was not able to do before. However, she felt itchy at times but it was bearable. Her treatment was changed to:

#2) NM21 KBS + OM15 Kidney + SR231 Onyx + SR240 Kidney Meridian + SR341 Alfalfa + SR523 Pituitary Posterior…TDS.

14 Nov: The nurse came to check the patient. She was very happy with her progress and stated that for the first time in 6 years her blood pressure was perfect 120/80. The frequency and volume of the urine was still the same and she was still on dialysis five times a week. The itching had increased but it was still bearable.

4 Dec: The doctor asked for five bags of dialysis for examination. The result of the test came out perfect except for phosphorus, which was slightly higher. But the doctor said not to worry about that. The frequency of urination and the volume of urine passed had increased. She says that now there is an urge to urinate whereas previously she did not feel like urinating. She looks healthy and sounds very happy.

Although the patient is still on dialysis, the healer has reported significant improvement. When a progress report is received, this case history will be updated.

Kidney Inflammation (nephritis)1251…Yugoslavia female aged 51                                                    Kidney and Bladder

The patient suffered from acute nephritis, inflammation of kidney. She had a lot of pain, very high temperature and felt exhausted. However, she refused to be treated with antibiotics and opted for vibrionic treatment.

8 Sept 1999: Vibrionic treatment as follows:

#1) NM21 KBS…one dose every 30 minutes during acute condition, then TDS on improvement.

#2) SR276 Berberis…TDS for 2 days.

#3) SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection…TDS.

#4) Longacet (allopathic) potentised at 200C…BD. She also received pressure pointing of kidney points.

Two days later as she was still very exhausted, the following remedy was added:

#5) NM90 Nutrition…TDS for 2 weeks, then OD for 6 months and OM17 Liver - Gall Bladder was added to #1.

On 24 Sept, she went for a check up. The tests were clear apart from a little calculus in her left kidney. Therefore on 30 Sept, her treatment was changed to the following:

#6) BR11 Kidney + BR12 Liver + SR501 Kidney + SR517 Parathyroid…TDS.

All previous remedies were discontinued except #5 NM90 Nutrition.

On 19 Oct, in addition, she was given:

#7) SR240 Kidney + SR505 Lungs…OD because she had difficulty in breathing (she is a smoker) and she felt this was due to her kidney pain.

She was on this treatment for 3 months after which she felt perfectly healed.

The healer has reported a complete healing.

Kidney Stone2592…Italy female aged 57                                                                                            Kidney and Bladder

For the last few months the patient has had a 5mm stone in her left kidney. She was given laser therapy but it did not work.

Treatment on 26 July 2004:

#1) BR11Kidney…OD. After five days:

#2) NM21 KBS…TDS was also given.

2 August 2004: There was a pullout and she had pain under her left foot.

12 August 2004:

#3) NM21 KBS + SR276 Berberis (200C) + SR280 Calc Carb (30C) + SR285 China Off (6X) + SR322 Urtica Urens + SR346 Cantharis + SR493 Gall Bladder + SR501 Kidney…KBS.

10 October 2004: The patient was feeling much better. She had an appointment for an ultra sound scan before a further laser treatment and it was found that laser treatment was not necessary as the stone was not there anymore. The patient will continue to take one weekly dose for some time of #3 to strengthen her kidneys and prevent another occurrence.

Kidney Stones1938…Poland male aged 40                                                                                           Kidney and Bladder

The patient had difficulty in passing urine and had pain near kidneys. He was taken to hospital where it was diagnosed that there were a few stones in the right kidney with one stuck in the right ureter with the likelihood of infection. He had intense pain with nausea and vomiting. The patient was given pharmaceutical analgesics to relieve the pain.

July 2002, vibrionic treatment:

#1) NM21 KBS + BR11 Kidney…every half an hour for the first day. The second day:

#2) NM21 KBS…TDS.

#3) NM16 Drawing + BR11 Kidney (6X) + SR276 Berberis + SR293 Gunpowder…6TD and after improvement TDS for two days.

On the fourth day of treatment the stone in the ureter must have broken up because when the healer examined the patient with a pendulum it showed that the kidneys were clean. However the patient was taken to another hospital for the stone in the ureter to be removed surgically but when he was re-examined the doctors found the kidneys clear much to their astonishment and so their intervention was not necessary.

Note: After treatment the patient was given a nosode made from one of his own stones as a prophylactic and he continues not to develop any more stones.

Kidney Stones1725…Croatia female aged 31                                                                                       Kidney and Bladder

This patient has suffered from kidney stones and gall stones since her youth. In the right kidney she had one12mm stone and two stones about 5 mm. In 1993 she had gall stone surgery. The kidney stones were so painful that she often needed medical help.

1 May 2001: Treatment as follows:

#1) NM21 KBS + NM59 Pain + NM91 Paramedic Rescue + BR11 Kidney + OM15 Kidneys + SR501 Kidney.

This was changed to:

#2) NM21 KBS + NM63 Back-up + BR11 Kidney + SR234 Sapphire + OM15 Kidney + SR276 Berberis + SR501 Kidney.

The smaller stones broke up and were urinated out as brown sediment. The big stone was at the exit of the bladder and on 28 September 2001 she went into hospital to have the12 mm stone destroyed by shock wave treatment but impossible to remove it and the stone remained. The patient continued with the vibrionic treatment.

27 November 2001: She had an ultra-sonic check-up and there was no trace of the stone. The hospital diagnoses was “spontaneous elimination”. The vibro-therapy is completed and the patient feels healthy and happy.

Note: A pendulum was used in prescribing the mixtures.

Kidney Stones0009…India male aged 32                                                                                            Kidney and Bladder

A doctor from a reputed local hospital was writhing in pain. A scan revealed four or five kidney stones. Nothing could give him relief. His friend came for help.

Treatment as follows:

#1) NM16 Drawing + NM21 KBS + SR276 Berberis + SR293 Gunpowder…dissolve the pills in water and give a teaspoonful (5ml) every 5 minutes; the dilution was administered and four stones were expelled to this man’s great relief. However, one large stone did not come out. His ureters and bladder were twisted out of shape. He was advised to take:

#2) Hydrangea Q (Mother Tincture available from homoeopathic stores) to splinter the stone…One or two drops of tincture added to a tablespoon of water and taken every five minutes for at least two hours. Then reduce the frequency. The stone was expelled within a few days.

Diet: Coconut milk, a lot of water, no raw tomatoes, no spinach. Plantain shoot juice or plantain shoot cooked as a vegetable was also recommended.

The healer has reported a complete healing in a short period.

Kidney Stones0009…India female aged 34                                                                                         Kidney and Bladder

This woman had an allopathic diagnosis of appendicitis during her second pregnancy. Surgery was not a viable option due to pregnancy.

The patient was given the following test to determine if appendicitis was the problem: Patient lies on stomach and then right leg is lifted backwards. No pain was evident. Patient was then treated for kidney stones and was requested to strain her urine every time until stones passed.

Treatment in 1994 as follows:

NM16 Drawing + NM21 KBS + SR276 Berberis…sip in water every 5 minutes for at least 2 hours…then less frequently until stones pass.

Within 24 hours kidney stones were passed and the pain disappeared. Appendicitis had been ruled out. When the baby was born it was a normal delivery. When the patient was last seen, six years later, she had not had any kidney or appendix problems.

The healer has reported a complete healing in a short period.

Kidney Stones0009…India female aged 22                                                                                         Kidney and Bladder

This young woman came to the clinic in tears at 4:30 pm complaining of excruciating pain since midnight. The pain was radiating from left side of stomach to the left side of her lumbar sacral region and down the thigh. She was made to lie down and the following mixture was made in a glass of water.

Treatment as follows:

NM16 Drawing + NM21 KBS + SR276 Berberis + SR293 Gunpowder; she was given a teaspoonful of the mixture every five minutes. Within 24 hours she expelled the stone.

Diet: She was given a lot of water to drink and also tender coconut water. She was advised not to eat raw tomatoes and spinach. In addition, plantain shoot juice or cooked plantain shoot was recommended.

The healer has reported a complete healing in a short period. Note the symptom of back pain in cases of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones - pain0009…India male aged 25                                                                                  Kidney and Bladder

This man came with a terrible backache. X-rays revealed a kidney stone and an operation was advised. He chose vibrionic treatment instead.

Treatment as follows:

#1) NM16 Drawing + NM21 KBS + SR276 Berberis + SR293 Gunpowder…TDS; this did not give him much relief. Treatment was changed to:

#2) NM16 Drawing + NM21 KBS + SR293 Gunpowder + SR325 Rescue + Ocinum Can (30C) from a homeopathic store…TDS.

The pain subsided. He still keeps this remedy (#2) in his house. Whenever there is a similar pain he takes it and gets immediate relief.

The healer has reported significant improvement.

Urination – Frequent at night2444…India male aged 53                                                                   Kidney and Bladder

The patient suffers from frequent urination at night. He usually gets up between 3-4 times.

1 March 2003: Vibrionic treatment as follows:

#1) SR356 Plumbum Met (30C) + Amethyst (30C) As there is no card, a small piece of amethyst was put in the sample well. After a week of taking this mixture he gets up twice a night.

#2) NM21 KBS + NM36 War. After taking this mixture for only two days he now gets up once in the early morning.

Urination – Frequent with Incontinence2449…Japan female aged 88                                             Kidney and Bladder

This woman frequently wakes at night to pass urine and it was difficult for her to hold on to her urine during the day so she often wets her pants.

Vibrionics treatment as follows:

NM7 CB7 + NM21 KBS + NM65 Bedwetting + SR260 Mag Phos (200C) + SR291 Gelsemium (200C) + SR313 Sepia (30C) + SR351 Kali Carb + SR369 Benzoic Acid + SR374 Causticum (30C) +SR456 Bladder + SR510 Muscles…6TD.

1 Week later: She was starting to be able to hold her urine and sleep without waking up.

3 Weeks later: She said the medicine was very good and now she only wakes once at night and during the day she never wets her pants. She continues to take the medicine.

Water Retention2145 (Hyper-Link)…Holland male aged 83                                                                      Kidney and Bladder

This man suffers from oedema (water retention) in both legs and his feet are also very swollen. Allopathic diuretic pills from the doctor that he has taken for a few weeks have not helped and it is difficult for him to put on his shoes.

19th October 2002: The following Vibrionic treatment started:

NM21 KBS + NM32 Vein-Piles + NM34 Water Balance + BR18 Circulation + SR278 Cactus + SR286 Crategus + SR353 Ledum…TDS.

On the first night of treatment he passed a litre of water or more and within 48 hours his legs and feet were back to normal.