9.Fevers and Infections

9.    FEVERS AND INFECTIONS – viral, bacterial, fungal infections

9.a.  Scarlet Fever 2680….Japan

An 18 month-old baby boy had a very high fever for a week, would not eat or drink anything, not even water, and vomited everything except mother’s milk. He cried constantly and was unable to sleep. He had a rash throughout his body and even in his mouth. He also had diarrhea. His condition was diagnosed as Scarlet Fever and with this very serious condition the mother did not want to give him allopathic medicine. The following Vibrionics remedies were given:

NM2 Blood + NM18 General Fever + NM26 Penmycin + NM36 War + NM80 Gastro + NM86 Immunity + SM41 Uplift + SR316 Streptococcus…every 10 minutes for 3 hours, then 6TD and TDS on improvement

After the very first dose, the boy could drink water without vomiting. In one day, there was further improvement and in 3 days, his temperature came down to normal. But 8 days later, his face, hands and feet became very swollen so the following remedies were included in the above combo:

NM21 KBS + OM15 Kidneys

After 5 days the baby started walking again (he had not walked for 10 days) and eating normally. After 3 weeks all symptoms had gone and although he has lost a little weight, his health is now excellent and skin is even clearer than before he became sick.

In this successful healing, a Vibrionics Healing Potentiser was used to make the above combos but if the 108 Common Combos box had been available, then CC9.4 Scarlet Fever + CC13.1 Kidney would have been equally successful.

9.b.  Chronic Feverish Condition 2786…Russia

A 34 year-old woman from Argentina came to see Vibrionics practitioners in Prashanthi Nilayam because she had been suffering from a fever continuously for the past 14 years. It had all the signs of a common cold: her throat was sore, she had bronchitis and a high fever. She had seen numerous doctors, who, after various tests including blood tests, could not give a diagnosis or explain why she had suffered with this condition for so many years. After talking to the patient, the practitioners discovered that when she was 20 years old, her boyfriend became ill with a particularly virulent form of malaria and for three days she had nursed him in hospital. It was then that the fever started but although she was tested for malaria at the time, the results proved negative. The practitioners surmised that as she was a very emotional person and under the stress and fear of nursing a person whom she was very fond of, in an environment where there were many other malaria cases, the vibration of this disease got transferred to her astral/etheric body. To test this theory they gave her:

CC9.2 Infections acute + CC9.3 Tropical diseases…TDS

CC9.2 was given to cover the on-going symptoms of cold and fever she had been suffering from for so many years and, as CC9.3 has all the remedies for malaria in it, they were hopeful that this would cure the cause of her suffering.

After three days of treatment there was a strong pull-out of violent vomiting. A week later she left for her home in Argentina. Two weeks later she sent an e-mail to thank the practitioners for the treatment and to tell them that she was now completely healthy without any sign of her on-going fever.

9.c.  Chronic Cold 2786…Russia

A 47 year-old Russian woman came to the practitioners with a cold, the symptoms included headache and a general feeling of ill health – these symptoms had been with her for many months. She was given:

CC9.2 Infections acute + CC9.3 Tropical diseases…TDS

Three days later, her cold was better but the headache and the other symptoms remained. After careful questioning, the patient volunteered the information that 18 months ago both she and her husband had been in a car accident. Although the car was destroyed, neither she nor her husband had been injured. Since the present symptoms had started then, the practitioners thought it was likely that she had unknowingly been traumatized by the event and was, even now, in a state of shock. They immediately gave her:

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.1 Brain disabilities…OD

After about 3 minutes, the woman became unconscious but gradually regained consciousness in 10 minutes. She felt very weak but, with help of her husband, managed to return to her room where she rested. The next day she came to see the practitioners to say that she was completely well with no signs of the chronic cold and other symptoms that she had been suffering from since the accident 18 months ago.

9.d.  Influenza type H1N1 – Swine flu 01205J…India

A female patient, aged 54, was diagnosed with Swine Flu and was told she had to be admitted to hospital to be treated. She contacted the practitioner to ask if vibro medicine could help her. She was given:

CC9.2 Infections acute + CC9.3 Tropical diseases + CC19.1 Chest tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic.

She was told to take it every hour during the evening as well as the next morning until her appointment with the doctor at 11 am. When the doctor checked her for admission, he said there was 80% improvement in her infection. So there was no need for her to be admitted to hospital. She was treated as an outpatient instead, and given a low dose of antibiotics. She also continued to take the above combo for a further 2 weeks, TDS the first week and BD the second week, after which the recovery was complete.

Practitioners using the Sai Ram Potentiser can give: NM8 Chest + NM18 General Fever + NM30 Throat + NM31 Tonsils & Glands + NM63 Back-up + NM70 CB9 + NM79 Flu Pack + SM41 Uplift.

9.e.  Sore throat, cough and sinusitis 1176…Bosnia

A woman, aged 75, came for help because of a severe sore throat, a bad cough with expectoration and inflamed sinuses that she had been suffering from for several days. She was given:

1. NM36 War + NM70 CB9 + NM71 CCA + NM113 Inflammation…TDS

2. SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM35 Sinus + SM40 Throat…TDS

When she returned a week later she was only 20% better. After some questioning from the practitioner, the patient revealed that she had caught scabies when she was 15 years old. Ever since she was a regular sufferer of bronchitis. Twenty years later, she started to have problems with her sinuses and over the years had suffered allergic reactions to a variety of antibiotics given to her by allopathic doctors. In an effort to cure these chronic problems and now with the knowledge that her ill health started with scabies, the practitioner commenced to give her a course of the Psorinum miasm as follows:

1. SR250 Psorinum 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C…single dose of each potency with an hour in between starting with the highest potency 10M.

First type of pullout started one day later i.e. all the symptoms worsened. After two days, she felt much better. After three days, she was given:

2. SR294 Hepar Sulph Calc 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C… same procedure and dosage as before.

Two days later, she was given:

3. SR318 Thuja 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C… same procedure and dosage as before.

After 5 days, she felt very well. There was almost no cough, throat was fine and the sinuses were clear. Expectoration from the lungs rapidly diminished and after a week, her health was almost 100%

This is a fine example of using a miasm and 2 single remedies to clear chronic health problems in a very unique way.

9.f. Fever 03562…Canada

The practitioner and her family were on a holiday by the seaside. Her 3-year-old granddaughter was exuberant and playful on the first day. During the night she developed nausea, slight fever, and cough and kept her parents up all night. On 30 May 2018, the next morning, she appeared tired and listless and refused to take breakfast. The practitioner immediately gave the following remedy from her wellness kit:

CC9.2 Infections acute…TDS

No allopathic medication was given. Soon the child slept soundly for about 2 hours. As soon as she woke up, she was smiling, happy, and ready to play. She seemed to have completely recovered. She had her second dose only during the bed time as she was out with her parents whole day. The next two days also she was given the remedy OD only at bedtime and stopped. She was her normal cheerful-self, eating her meals and playing during the rest of her vacation. As of December 2018, those symptoms have not recurred. The child continues to be healthy and playful.

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